Powering the Paricle Argon

I am trying to make a robot using particle argon, and am using a 11.1 V lipo. I would like to power the argon using the lipo. The design that i breadboarded was, a 5V voltage regulator, and after that a voltage divider circuit that stepped down the 5V to 3.8V. My intention was to power the Argon using the LI+ which the data sheet specifies takes 3.6 to 4.2 DC voltage. However upon connection to the Argon nothing happens. What am i missing? Is this the correct path to take if i have a 11.1 V lipo? Moreover is it possible to power the argon directly from the 5V output of the voltage regulator? I am trying to get rid of the voltage divider circuit.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Since the USB connector (and VUSB pin) expects 5V, I would think yes.

As @Rftop states, use Vusb. Moreover, I would say that you should not use the Li+ unless you are using an actual 3.7v LiPo. Although you are using a LiPo, with 11v you will need an external charging circuit. Beware of using a voltage divider since you may be pulling more current than you can supply with that method. Just go with regulated 5V to Vusb.

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