Does Photon 2 have hardware FPU and DSP?

I've seen references to hardware FPU on the Photon 2. I read the RTL8721DM data sheet and it mentions DSP and hardware floating point (FPU) as "optional". Does the the Photon 2 RTL8721DM include hardware floating point and DSP (SMD and saturating operations)?

Which datasheet shows that it's optional? The KM4 CPU (Cortex-M33) has FPU and DSP instructions in the RTL872xD Datasheet (UM0401) v2.6 that I'm looking at.

Incidentally, when x=1 in RTL872xDM, the 1="with codec".

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Thanks, that's exciting to hear! I'm not sure where I found the datasheet, obviously it was wrong.

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