Does anyone have experience with NFC

I’m looking for options to perform 2 way communication directly between a smart phone and the P1.

  1. Option is NFC, but I don’t have any experience with NFC. I’m wondering if anyone does?

  2. The other option is looking at putting the P1 in softAP mode and sending info between the P1 and the smartphone to make setting up the device easy. Does anyone know if there is any example code to share data with softAP mode?



I do not, but I know that It will not be possible use the NFC chip on an iPhone because Apple has restricted it to only be used for Apple pay.

I’m using NFC for a project I’m working on. I’m just hoping Apple opens up their APIs at some point.

I’m using the Adafruit PN532. There is a thread on here where they ported the library to work with the Spark core but I ported that code to work in Seeed’s PN532 library which can do quite a bit more than the Adafruit library.