NFC application question


I’ve had some interest in learning NFC. I want to do a very simple application like so: use my phone’s NFC to a particle board that has an NFC tag to turn on a LED on a bread board. Can this be done locally without any Wi-Fi messaging?

My initial research led me to this project:

But they are using a tag instead of a phone to send the message to the embedded board. Just looking for resources and tips! Thank you.

Hi @palebluedot -

First, welcome to Particle forum :partying_face:

I have not yet used my phone as RFID “tag” but I have done a RFID project before that have been in the field for quite some time and holding steady. You can have a look at it HERE, hopefully it can steer you in the right direction.

I used the MFRC522 module instead, it works seamlessly!

EDIT: With regards to using your phone as apposed to a tag, you might want to look at some pro’s and con’s HERE

Regards, Friedl.