Do Firmware updates via dashboard release require a reset?

Hi there. If I release a new version of my application firmware via the my org/product dashboard, does it require each device in the field to be reset before they will be updated to the release version?


I believe the answer is yes or no…Depending on the option you chose.

Hi Kenneth. I don’t see a reference to an option such as that in those docs. Anyone have any experience with this? Or at least a way to trigger a reset in all devices assigned to a given product ID?


But your question is whether a reset is required or not and the link answers exactly that.

As for triggering a system reset, you can consider letting the devices subscribe to an event where the function handler can call System.Reset() -->

There might be, but i am not aware of any native built in method of triggering a device reset until it is coded in the user firmware.

Thanks. I’ll go with the reset route, then.


@dperrigan Were you able to update the Electron firmware from 0.4.8 to 0.5.0 remotely without any problems?

I tried to upgrade from 0.5.1-RC to the new 0.5.0 firmware and as it noted it switched over to safe mode as soon as it booted up after the fimrware upgrade.

So I’m curious if you can update the firmware from 0.4.8 to 0.5.0 remotely without any problems.

@RWB, did you downgrade from 0.5.0 rc1 to 0.5.0? Electrons and Photons will go to safe mode if the version of the use app was built against a higher version of the firmware. As long as the system firmware is equal to or newer than the user app version then it will run the user app.

I was running the RC1 on the Electron when I tried to flash the 0.5.0 firmware from the Build IDE. They went into Safe Mode.

I then just did a update via the Windows updater and everything was good to go.

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