DMASS Control unit (Final Update)

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Hi -

I just wanted to share some images on the the final look&feel and functionality of our control units for our DMASS (modified atmosphere and storage) system.

1.) The PCB design:

Running the risk of repeating an already published article, I will rather just share the link and give an aggregated version of that this unit was designed to do:

Initially it was only meant to drive a stepper motor, but we quickly realised, harnessing the power of the Particle devices and platform made possible by Ubidots, we can do so much more in a short time. Each control unit, roughly the size of your favourite standard size smartphone, will drive a stepper a motor, monitor two/four load cells, open and close two solenoid valves and monitor two external sensors. Each box will be connected to a mesh network. One control box will also be utilised to drive a self propelled vehicle that will be transporting roasted coffee beans from one location to another.

The PCB can accommodate both argon or Xenon devices depending on there in the system it will be utilised. Further to this, with some jumper selection, either DRV or TCM drivers can be used.

2.) The Enclosure:

We took a little extra time on this one as we are limited to using acrylic layers and injection moulding is simply not feasible at this scale.

We tried to make the product look the part, modern meets vintage.

Several carefully placed and subtle LED’s will indicate system statuses, whilst more modern and futuristic all round clear layer will indicate main systems status.

In ‘chapter TWO’ we will be revealing the trolley design :slight_smile:

Thank you to everyone in the Particle forum who contributed in any way. Also thanks to everyone at Ubidots for your assistance so far, looking forward to the final dashboard, it will provide some valuable data.


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