Direct listening of a microphone link to the Spark Core (on a webpage)

Do you think it is possible to listen trough the web to a microphone link on the Spark Core?
even if the sound is not high quality, but just listen everywhere what happen around my Spark core?

Enough memory? enough capacity to transform the microphone signal in MP3?
If anyone have already make that I’m very interested.
Thank you for your reply.

Nobody is interested by this idea?

Sorry, didnt catch your first post a few days ago

have a look at the links on this post… let us know what you come up with if you get it working!

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It seems that none of the three topics linked are related to my question (even if this is interesting and all about sound).

I want to connect a electret microphone (perhaps with some other component) to the Spark Core to capture the sound around the Spark Core

And after I want to listen (when I want) to this microphone (no recording but only live sound) on a web browser (Chrome or other explorer)
This is for security purpose with my alarm system

Is that possible?

Hi @JP2M

Yes I think this is possible but it will be some work. Since you want to use a browser, you have to conform to some streaming audio standard to be compatible and most of them (mp3 etc) are too computationally expensive on the Spark core for real-time. I would recommend you try returning an 8-bit PCM WAV file first.

Interesting project!


Hi @JP2M,

I think this could be possible, but would be tricky, here’s a project that streams audio using an arduino, but I think this concept could work on the Core -


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