Digital Output motion sensor with particle photon

Hi, I am experimenting with one of my motion sensor by using the different mode which help me to use much lower power, I was thinking which mode in this sensor which help me as follows :

  • To power on the sensor some certain time and monitor the parameters.
  • If everything remains same it will power off for specific time.
  • The sensor power will be remain off for very few time only.

Main to send sensor to sleep mode for few miliseconds, and main important thing I need is to store data of sensor on azure cloud database and also store the record in database of whenever the sensor goes in offline mode.

Any expertise suggestion to make this thing happen will be very helpful

Note: The sensor is using the IC - LIS3DHTR for sensing 3 axis motion

Is this question in any way related to any Particle device?

If not, you may need to search somewhere else since the most power can be saved by sleeping the host controller as the LIS3DH already has some really low idle current.

If you are using Particle devices, you may want to search the forum for motion and Asset Tracker since the Particle Asset Tracker shield also uses the LIS3DH accelerometer for wake-on-move.

In order to use the wake-on-move feature with the NCD board, you may want to populate the INT1 and INT2 pins and use them to wake your controller when movement is detected.