Difficulty setting WiFi credentials in v0.8.0

Is there an issue setting WiFi credentials using v0.8.0 (-rc.10 prerelease) on photon?
I never used to have problems with previous versions (probably set up over 100 now) but released a new firmware for our product using v0.8.0 and found issues when changing WiFi.
For our use we use a white labelled webpage to setup WiFi similar to: https://github.com/mebrunet/softap-setup-page
But I’ve also tried the Particle app, and https://setup.particle.io/ with no luck. My mobile devices connect to the the soft access point (which has now changed so that there are 6 letters in the suffix) but all methods are not able to recognise the connection and advise me to retry.
The only way I’ve found is to use the CLI and setup over serial, but this is not suitable for customers.

EDIT: after downgrading, this also appears to be the case with v0.7.0 too. v0.6.3 works. What changed in v0.7.0 to make this happen?

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The most common cause for this is insufficient free RAM. It seems that you may need about 21500 of free RAM in 0.7.0 and later.


That could well be the issue. I am not at the office to check, but looking at the online diagnostics, it seems I am using of 66 of the 81kB RAM available for the majority of devices.

If this is the case, you should probably limit the amount of available RAM and save 21.5kB for the purposes of WiFi setup! Unless you think this issue will be fixed?