DiagnosticsHelperRK - Boron Power Source (1.1.1 vs. 1.4.4)

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I am utilizing a Boron to monitor AC power status for a server room to detect power outages.

The system worked well on firmware 1.1.1; however, I upgraded to 1.4.4 and it is no longer detecting power status as before.

@rickkas7, is it possible that the DiagnosticsHelperRK library is not compatible with this version?

See the following link for my build: https://go.particle.io/shared_apps/5e149d8a8cadfc0005011542

Thank you!


I just ran the examples/3-powered-by example on a Boron running Device OS 1.4.4 and it seemed to work properly:


Thank you for your response. For some reason I was getting away with powerSource = 1 as the indication of being on linepower; but now I see that currently when plugged in on line power it is a powerSource = 3. Likely a mistake that I make, I appreciate your help!