Device Vitals using a Core


Been doing some experimenting on a core lately. So part of my experimenting required I upgrade my device to Device OS 1.0.0.

All seemed to be going to plan, and I have confirmed the device is running 1.0.0, using a USB terminal (Putty) and the ‘v’ command.

One of the reasons for doing this was to pay attention the device vitals, but whilst I can get a photon to spit back data on vitals, a core is not actually reporting anything.

The docs suggest it should be functioning, so my question is ‘Should they be working on a core?’

Has any other people got Device Vitals on a core running Device OS 1.0.0?


The device vitals do consume some extra memory space which just isn’t available on the Core - unless you want to only blink some LEDs :wink:



Interesting. But huge thanks for confirming what I had suspected. Lets me get on with the rest of the experiment with out adding extra worry. I can live without the Device Vitals for the core.



Might I suggest perhaps a note on the console for core devices that indicates that Last Vitals won’t display so others won’t have to spend a bunch of time upgrading only to find it didn’t enable them?
It would be greatly appreciated.

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