Device Nearby Central and Manufacturer Advertising Data

Hello everyone,

I am trying to use the code sample for the Device Nearby Central and Device Nearby Beacon. I want to use this to be able to detect when my Boron device gets in-range of the Argon BLE Signal so I can know its position.

The problem is that the manufacturer advertisement data, that I want to use to be able to tell the particle that it is in range to one of my devices, and the “my color” from the example to share the station identifier. Very similar to Ibeacon, but to be able to read in Particle. The problem is that the expected length of the test for the advertisement data is supposed to be 7, but my boron scan result returns 4. And the company identifiers both (0xFF, 0xFF, and 0x55) never show up or match as in the example.

Particle Doc Code:

My code is the same as above! I just copied in my Argon ( Beaconn) and Boron (Central) and pasted!

Please hellllpp!
Thanks in advance!

I’m also testing this same example code right now.

You should be able to easily modify the example to better fit your needs, that’s what I’m doing right now.

Paste your modified code if you want better help here.

I just tested the examples copied and pasted from the docs page above.

The central device was a Boron running Device OS 1.4.4 and the central code.

The peripheral device was an Argon running Device OS 1.4.4 and the peripheral code, with the color set to red (0xff0000).

On the central device the status LED turned red, and the following was displayed on the serial monitor for the boron:

0000014693 [app] INFO: colorCode: 0xff0000 rssi=-36 address=AE:3B:B6:FF:FF:E8 
0000015147 [app] INFO: colorCode: 0xff0000 rssi=-42 address=AE:3B:B6:FF:FF:E8 
0000015602 [app] INFO: colorCode: 0xff0000 rssi=-33 address=AE:3B:B6:FF:FF:E8 
0000016056 [app] INFO: colorCode: 0xff0000 rssi=-33 address=AE:3B:B6:FF:FF:E8 

I’m not sure why you were not getting the right data on the central, but either you’re picking up a different device, there could be a problem with your peripheral device, or some other cause.

You could try using one of the BLE mobile apps to make sure the peripheral is advertising properly.