Device Failure - red flashing light

Hi @ArthurGuy

Great! I did see the snippet above where you check the length less than 60. But lets say that tomorrow the :spark: team decides that a 32-byte serial buffer is a better overall trade off but you are waiting for 59 bytes to be available. This can never be true. Just a point for the future.

ArthurGuy, I looked at the BLEmini sketch you used as a model and I am a bit confused. If I understand correctly, data from the BLEmini is structured with the first three bytes defining "type, “event_code” and “data_len”. The remainder of the message is of length “data_len” so the entire message can be received and processed. The arduino sample sketch is very structured and “synchronous” processing entire messages and their even_codes.

It seems to me that waiting on the first three bytes with a proper timeout is enough to tell you if a device is available or not. On top of that, the received “event_code” seems to come as a response to a discovery request being sent to the BLEmini. Again, a timeout will tell you if a device is there or not. So I am not sure how your detectDevice() function is supposed to work. Everything you need is already in the arduino libraries.

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At the moment I believe everything is working reliably, I still don’t know what triggered the system crash which is worrying along with the fact that the system didn’t appear to recover properly after the crash which again is a concern.
I will monitor the system this week and see how it performs.