Design methodology - Your thoughts are appreciated

Arizona… its a tough place for electronics ESPECIALLY in NON-temperature controlled spaces. I have seen 124 degrees F and this year may be hotter. Attic and other crawl spaces can easily top 130 degrees F.

I need to monitor a number of items. Too many to hardwire without major expense and effort.

Do you think a Photon would survive? Would it work reliability? They would have to be installed into places that are difficult to reach so the pushbuttons and LED’s would NOT be easy access.

How would YOU approach this problem?

Temp: Looking at the datasheet, it seems that the Photon will handle 60 degrees C or about 140 degrees F. If it is 124 outside then a compartment, crawl space or attic may be approaching that limit. So… I guess trial and error would be the game plan as it would be operating very near or possibly slightly over the limit on occasion. It may require hand selecting Photons based on performance in a test environment.

Accessibility: I suppose I could mount the Photon on a PCB with a hardware watchdog timer to monitor Photon Loop operation and reboot as needed. It may also be needed to remotely relocate the pushbuttons and LED.

Thanks for your thoughts!

I received no suggestions so I thought I would let the community know what I wound up with… I decided in these “hot spots” to use XBee modules as their higher operating temperature allows them to work comfortably in this heat. The are rated to 85 deg C.