Deploying on B404X eval board

Hi Community,

I’m planning to transition from E404 to B404x. I deploy on the actual eval board which I encase in a thermal epoxy brick and bring out wires for RGB, I/O’s, etc. I have some questions I can’t find in the documentation–

  • I’m using a converter to step down to 12V but I think it could slightly creep above 12V. Is there any tolerance if voltage exceeds 12V?
  • On ID Num 24 in documentation what are power jumpers for? Is it just useful for troubleshooting?
  • If you pin out the RGB / status LEDs (to external, off board LEDs) does that kill the on-board LEDs, or will both light?

The bq24195 can be supplied up to 17V, so a little more is fine. However, we don’t recommend connecting the 12V input on the eval board directly to a vehicle power supply because spikes can sometimes exceed 17V.

Jumper 24 is intended to isolate power, typically done when measuring power consumption.

The software controls only affect the RGB status LED. The 3V3 and other LEDs will still function.

Thank you Rick!

I am working on bringing out some of the eval board pins. Does this look correct?

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