Deleting variables or events

Let’s say i update an application that had defined the maximum number of Spark.variables and the maximum amount of published events. Now i remove some of the variables and event names from my application and add new ones to the application How do I insure that the particle cloud has deleted the prior names so I am clear to create new variable names.

Or, for another example, let’s say there is a limit of 6 published events and I create app1event1 through app1event6 as the names. Now I decide to re flash my Photon with a new app with event names app2event1 through app2event6. Before I start fflashing app2 it would seem I need to tell the Particle cloud that I am no longer using the app1event names.

I am concerned that without removing names, when I exceed the maximum variable names or events that I will get a Failure to set the variable or failure to publish the event because I have too many names.

Those all live on your device. They aren’t registered on the cloud, but merely retrieved upon connection. Publishes have no limits, as far as the amount of different ones you can call. Do mind the rate limit though.
The variables is something you expose from your device and is something the cloud can ask for. It’s not stored on the cloud though. The same is true for functions, in case you were also worried about those.