Debugging - Particle Boron

Hi Team,

This might be a simple question. I was trying to debug the code using the Particle Debugger. Been following this Particle Debug. The only problem being it always opens in Disassembly mode and stays there always.

I was wondering if it was possible to do the debug on the code rather than in the disassembly mode. I believe it has to do with some settings which I couldn’t locate.


Hi Joseph- Yes, the debug should work on the code as well. Does it not progress past Disassembly mode?

The location that’s being disassembled (0x00000a82) doesn’t have source because it’s part of the nRF52840 SoftDevice that implements things like the BLE radio. That’s loaded as a binary, even in debug builds, and there’s no source so it will always display in the disassembly.

The two reasons for this are typically:

  • You need to turn off BLE, because BLE and the debugger don’t work well together and the device will likely crash when debugging if you’re using BLE.
  • You’ve overwritten the stack so when the last call returned from subroutine, it jumped to an invalid address that happens be around 0x00000a82.