DebounceSwitchRK - Library for switch debouncing

  • Debounces both momentary (push button) and toggle switches.
  • For push buttons, handles long press, very long press, and multi-tap (double-tap, triple-tap, etc.).
  • Thread-based, so button changes are not lost even if loop() is blocked or delayed.
  • Handles buttons connected to 3V3 or GND (active high or active low) with internal or external pull.
  • Handles buttons connected to a regular GPIO pin.
  • Also handles buttons connected to expanders, such as MCP23008 I2C GPIO expanders.
  • Works with both polling (default) and notify-on-change (handy for I2C GPIO with interrupts).
  • Many configurable parameters.

More information:

If you need a lightweight switch debouncer, the Debounce library works fine, but this has a lot of features and supports other things like GPIO expanders.


Wow, this is an awesome library. I especially like the fact that I can use it with and IO expander.

Thank you @rickkas7 for another amazing contribution to the platform.


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