Datasheet of Photon

Hello , I have ordered Spark Photon and i’m waiting to get my hands on it . I want the datasheet of Photon . I am trying to know the power consumption of the device .

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I’m not sure if those specs are released already. But searching the forums never hurts:

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Hey All!

I think we can’t release the datasheet just yet, I’m checking on that, in the meantime here is the power consumption we’ve seen for the photon:



Since I made those measurements, I’d also like to say I need more Photons to test though to really lock those numbers in, and as the firmware settles down things might change again (shooting for lower numbers). The numbers for the Core are good though.


Thank you :slight_smile:

Guys can anyone please tell me the dimensions of photon ?

The photon should have the same footprint as the Core, so this should still valid:

Thanks Moors7 :slight_smile: also i wanted information regarding temperature range of the photon , do you have any idea about that ?

Unfortunately can’t help you with that, although I believe the Photon runs cooler than the Core. @BDub should be able to provide you with more info. Let’s wait what he has to say.

Thanks again Moors7. I’m trying to use this device in a high temperature environment around 100 degree Celsius , I want to know whether Photon will work in that kinda environment .

I can’t say for sure, but I think that’s going to be problematic. If it doesn’t kill your electronics straight away, or melt your plastics, it’s likely to decrease to lifespan of either in a big way. To be sure, we best wait for comments from the folks at :spark:.
Regardless, may I ask what your planning to do with it? Perhaps we can offer alternatives that don’t require you to put it in such a high temperature environment.

The BM-09 datasheet states this:


Operating Temperature -20° to 85° Celsius
Humidity range Max 95%
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Thank you both . Its very comforting when you know that there are people who will help you out.

I am trying to use this device along with a polymer which needs to be cured at high temperature.

Operational or just casting?

This is for specific operating recommendation and you can go higher during reflow etc etc :slight_smile:

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Actually, the Photon storage temperature is -40ºC to +85ºC and operation temperature is -20ºC to +60ºC. If you can keep the Photon under 85ºC while your polymer cures, you’ll be ok… as long as this is just the MFG process and not an operating process.

Sorry I couldn’t reply earlier . Thank you guys.

yes it’s for MFG and not operational. My Professor is insisting on datasheet of spark photon , he wants to be sure about temperatures and other parameters , I couldn’t get it in Github . When will spark release them ??

I’m working on the Photon Datasheet currently… it’s almost done :smile:


Oh that’s great ! thank you .

Hello BDub , can you please tell me when the Photon Datasheet will be released ?

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We’re really close I think! Just waiting on some final pieces, right @BDub?