Datacake - A native IoT Cloud for Ecosystem and Managed Node-RED (called Cake Red)


Hello Community,

in 2017 I started the biggest project so far. Building a company whose products are based on’s hardware and software.

In the last few years a lot has happened and me and my co-founder Lukas Klein have managed to successfully gain a foothold in the market - with our company “Datacake”.

Some of you may know us from blog posts about “liters of beer” at the Oktoberfest. Others under the title “Internet of Beer”.

Whatever. Since we build hardware based on and have an IoT platform based on the API, we decided to open our platform to the public.

A first step is the availability of a native integration for devices. This will follow in the coming days. What that means:

  • Users can add their devices
  • One Particle.Publish() suffices and the data ends up in our database.
  • Dashboards can be created, workspaces for collaboration can be created.

But today I want to share a video with you showing our cloud and an equally cool product in action. We are talking about:

Cake Red - or also:

Managed Node-RED in the Cloud. Just have a look at it:

I’d appreciate any feedback. I would also be happy to receive your questions or ideas about projects that could be implemented together. If you have any questions, just let me know. I will then take care of it. I hope you enjoy it.