Dashboard not showing Core info

I’m missing info in the dashboard for my particle core. I purchased it the day they were released and it’s been offline for at least a year or two. Tonight I ran the doctor, flashed new bootloader, updated, etc. Even reset the keys with the doctor. Unclaimed, reclaimed. The Device OS and the Serial Number will not show up in the dashboard for this device. Anyone have an idea why not and how to fix it? I’ve even tried the 0.8.0-rc.10 firmware version.

You have the device claimed and listed in your account but you are just missing some data, right?

Can you post a screenshot and also a particle serial inspect output of the device?

What application is running on the device?

Output of the particle serial inspect command is Platform: 0 - Core

The app on the device is “Blink an LED”

I wasn’t sure if the device ID was safe to post on here since that’s how you claim a device.

Further information, if it helps: The core advertises Particle.functions but does not seem to accept input strings to the functions like it should. You can call a function from the dashboard and it’ll run, but will not accept or be handed the input parameter. It seems to respond to events with incoming data just fine, however.

The Core does not support device diagnostics, even in 0.8.0, so most of the fields will be blank. Adding all of the features would have left an unreasonably small amount of space for user firmware on the Core.

I believe there may be a bug that is affecting function calls to a Core in 0.8.0:

Oh, that makes perfect sense. Question: If I were to manually send the event formatted the same with info I was interested in, would that show up in the dashboard? I may only need an unreasonably small amount of space :smiley:

And thanks for pointing out the bug.

Is there a location that talks about the capabilities the Core may or may not support in the docs somewhere?