Dashboard/Build device status question

Trying to diagnose a problem with OTA uploads (BTW this is for an Oak not Photon). Don’t want to bore you with details of that as this is being discussed in detail on a Digistump forum. But it would help to know what the connection is between the flashing blue dot on the Dashboard/Build screens for a device and it’s reported connect status via the Cloud API.

I’m seeing (for an Oak that won’t OTA upload) that when powered on, it shows up as having the flashing dot on the Particle Build/Dashboard (I assume means connected) but it’s Cloud API connection status if reported as “false”.

“last_heard”: “2016-08-16T15:33:53.371Z”,
“product_id”: 82,
“connected”: false,
“platform_id”: 82,
“cellular”: false,
“status”: “normal”,
“variables”: null,
“functions”: null

Shouldn’t these be in sync? Is this perhaps an indication of why I can’t OTA upload?

Checked again and the screen status and Cloud API are in sync now but OTA sketch upload still fails. The OTA issue is being discussed in gory detail on Digistump forum. Sorry for the diversion. But I did see these out of sync after the Oak was powered on for awhile (i.e. I waited for a reasonable lag time to pass).

Close this thread for now.