Custom Board Based on P1 Module

I am making a custom board based on P1 Module.
Should the Pin 74 and 75 must be Grounded or they should be left Open?

I am sorry if this question is already answered.I tried to find the thread but did not find any


Check out the design files for Sparkfun’s P1 Board.

The schematic and eagle files are on this page:

74 and 75 are purely mounting pads. They should not connect to any net. In any case, try and keep the underside of that whole antenna area clear of tracks or planes, this is essential if you’re planning on using the trace antenna.

@UmangChheda, I am trying to build a custom board to host a P1 also; I am very new to this subject but a fast learner. How did you figured out where to attached your resistors, capacitors etc. and how many to use?

I am currently looking at the Sparkfun redboard for some ideas; but any assistance you can share would help.


The datasheet has some good info on what is required at a minimum.