Creating a Mobile App using cellular device

I’m looking to create a mobile app that will communicate with / use data from a Particle device. The Particle device will need to use cellular to connect to the internet, and a server will need to be connected to both the server and the Particle device to store data.

Does anyone have an idea about how I should go about this?

What type of mobile app do you need? Is a mobile friendly (responsive) web application good enough? A PWA would be the next level (essentially a web app that can be “installed”). Beyond that you are looking at deploying apps through the Apple and Google app stores, and there are dozens of ways to develop mobile apps.

I’ve been working on a full stack solution that includes a HW, FW, and Portal at the Simple IoT project. Currently, mobile access is through a mobile friendly web application. Hope to add PWA support at some point. Anyway, this may give you some ideas on how to fetch data from particle, store it in the cloud, and then access from mobile.

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Thanks for the information @cbrake. Ideally the final product should be a native phone app, but a PWA might be good for prototyping. I’ll take a look at Simple IoT Project.

Hi Spencer,

I use the Ionic Framework and I’m very happy with what I can do with it.
If you are familiar with HTML, CSS and typescript, you can give it a shot.
If you are an Angular guy, there’s a flavor for Angular in Ionic. Same for React and/or Vue.

If you match this with Firebase then you’ll have an easy to use and work with set of tools to develop your project.
There is a Particle-Google integration that works like a charm.

With Ionic you can develop a local app, a web app, a progressive web app as Cliff mentioned above, and then an Android and iOS app - ALL WITH THE SAME SOURCE CODE. Consider that deploying your app to Google and Apple stores takes time and money, so if you can go with a PWA or even a regular web app (both can be hosted on Firebase).

Another option to not develop native is NativeScript. I never used it so I can’t comment on it.

Good luck!

Thanks @gusgonnet. Ionic’s webpage certainly looks nice. I’m not an experienced application developer myself, so much of what you said in the first paragraph is over my head. Would you recommend Ionic for prototyping? How easy is it to use? For prototyping, would it just be easier to get, say, a barebones Android app working instead?

if you are familiar with Java, then yes, I think so.

So @gusgonnet, when you create an app using the Particle-Google integration, is there any sort of programming you do within GCP? Any JavaScript programs or something? I followed the tutorial on how to integrate Particle’s cloud with Pub/Sub, but say I want to create a file to be held by GCP any time my Particle device sends a message to Pub/Sub that says “Create file”. How would you go about that?

Does these questions make sense? I’m trying to pull data from my Electron and store it in the Google Cloud.

Yes. What I usually do is create a cloud function like described in this article:

Then you can store the data in a Firestore database.
That data can be json or a document in this noSql database that firebase/firestore offers.

Please look at the article I posted above, I think it can help you.
PS: for further questions (welcomed!), I suggest you start a new topic with a title in the lines of “Pushing data to Firebase” or similar, thanks!