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I trying to create a webhook to send data to corlysis as I want to use grafana and corlysis seems to offer a good cloud based way of doing this. I am struggling with knowing how to convert the CURL example they provide into a web hook.
curl -i -XPOST ‘’ -u token:xxxxxxxxxxxxzxxxx --data-binary “meas_test,place=garden value=20.64”
I have webhooks working just fine with but can’t work this one out. I want to send JSON ideally but am happy to separate each reading into separate events if needed. Thanks.

Just a suggestion, if that’s your access token, take it out if a publicly searchable forum post.

Thanks, bit silly really but done in a rush, no private data but I will remove it and change it.

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hi, that does not look like JSON so maybe you won’t be able to:

I’ve never used --data-binary before… so cannot help much.

There is a custom webhook body editor in the console these days, have you tried that one by any chance?

EDIT: this:

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