Translate curl to json

I’m trying to have a webhook trigger a message to a notification server.
I have a bit of curl that works, but I can’t seem to get a webhook configured correctly.

How would I format the following curl into a bit of json that the webhook would work with?

Any and all input is appreciated.

Hey @BDub, are you able to help them out with this?


Hey @DeviceSmith it’s not super clear what you are trying to do with webhooks, but I know they are very easy to setup via the Console. Have you read through the Webhooks Guide yet?

Ok, first of all, thanks for the quick response.

Second, postman is a decent tool, and helped me figure out what I was doing wrong.

Third, if anyone is working with as a push notification server, here’s a basic web hook to start from. It is basic, but is a working starting point.

What my system does (for now) is to trigger a notification to my iPhone (using custom app) when a button wired to a photon is pressed.

        "Content-Type": "Application/json",
        "included_segments": ["All"],
        "contents": {"en": "Message from Photon"},
        "ios_badgeCount": 1,
        "content_available": true
    "Auth": null,
    "coreid": null,
    "noDefaults": true

To clarify, the above code snippet can be saved to a file, then used to create a web hook from the CLI using: particle webhook create file_name.json.