Core not appearing as a COM device on Windows 7

It seems that only about 1 out of every 5 times that I flash the Core does it actually allow me to reconnect to it through the COM port in Windows. It shows up in the device manager as COM4. I’m using Putty with all the settings as shown in the Connect Over USB section of the docs.

I’m trying to get a console logger window so that I can do some prototyping and general testing, but every time I reflash with new code the serial connection drops and then won’t let me connect again.

Any ideas?

On my computer I’ve noticed Windows get a little clingy. I will often just disconnect and reconnect the core from my computer, and then the usb stuff usually works just fine. Also make sure you’re not leaving open any program that was using that COM port, since windows will assign the device a fresh one if its in use after it resets.

Okay, that makes sense. I’m just a little spoiled after working with Arduinos and the IDE with the built-in serial monitor that automatically reconnects after a reflash.

A console monitor built into the web IDE sure would be nice!

We’re working on a serial monitor with the web IDE that should make this much easier.

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