Core is unstable with develop firmware but works fine on feature/hal


I have an application, written for the Core, at the moment no Photon available. This application sends every 5 minutes an broadcast UDP message, plain text message. Every 15 seconds an TCPClient HTTP json message to an remote server, no response from server except “OK”. I do not use Spark Cloud, local compiled firmware.

If I use the feature/hal branch and compile my application against this firmware version the application runs stable for hours without issue.

If I use the develop branch, no changes to the code is required and it compiles without error. If I run the application it runs for some minutes, sometimes up to 15 minutes, after that no message is sent any more. No UDP, no TCPClient. Using Serial output with println also suggest that it is stuck somewhere within the loop(), I see no further output there as well.

Has someone an idea how to debug it further so I can find out why it is hanging?

@thomast74, I don’t recommend using the Core code in develop just yet. It is always in flux and not considered stable. Using feature/hal is the best approach. Once the Photon is stabilized, the full Core HAL update will be next.

I agree with what @peekay123 - the develop branch isn’t ready for production use on the Core. However, I’m very glad people like you @thomast74 are trying it out, since it should be getting closer to production quality.

There is one area that I recall changing for the develop branch and that is the CFOD handling that was included for the core.

In system/src/system_task.cpp you’ll see around line 237

            //if (!SPARK_WLAN_RESET)
            //    handle_cfod();

Please remove the comments and see if that helps!


Thank you both for this information. I like to try the latest things even not stable. Just wanted to let you know and if there is a way to further debug it to find the root cause of the different behaviour.

I will try @mdma suggestion later today and see if it makes a difference.