End of life? Spark Core

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That prompts the Q to which the A may be obvious but which is not yet explicit: Given that the Photon can do everything the Core can do, and do it better and quicker, and do some other stuff too, and that it is cheaper, when does product bug-fixing support for the Core end?


The firmware for the Photon and the Core will be highly overlapping; the same firmware repo will be compiled into separate binaries, depending on whether you’re targeting the Photon or the Core. Therefore software development on the Core will continue once the Photon is released.

Much has been written about the CC3000’s quirks; we will not be pursuing some of the solutions to those quirks (such as writing a non-blocking driver), as Texas Instruments is reducing ongoing support for the CC3000 in favor of their newer CC3100/CC3200 chips (which, despite the similarity in model number, are a totally different architecture).

A lot of our focus going forward will be on the common elements of the Spark firmware stack to make it work as across a variety of hardware, and those improvements will come regardless of what hardware you’re using.