Convert audio sample to c header

Hi fam i have been trying to convert audio sample into a c header but with no luck on my side.

I tried using this libraries but the conversion part gives me hard time. i am using windows 8.1 64bit to run it and installed all necessary softwares and cmd can recognize them.

Well i do not know what is it that i am doing wrong maybe dir cmd to my audio file **


** is a problem because the outcome that i get is “The System cannot find the path specified”.

Can somebody please help me to succeed this matter.
Thank you in advanced.

When you say audio sample, do you have that as raw file or just in RAM?
If you have a file, you could use something like WavToCode or any bin2c converter the net provides.

If you have the data in RAM wrapping each sample into an array is a simple task via snprintf() and pushing that out over USB serial to get it piped into a file.