Console showing incorrect status

The web console shows the incorrect connection status of my photon devices. Does anyone know why?
For example, one of my devices is not connected to the cloud but it has a breathing cyan light beside it on the console, incorrectly indicating that it’s online. When I ping the device, it fails.

I have another device that is currently in safe mode, but it too shows up as being online through the console. Again, pinging the unit does not yield a response.

When I view these devices through the IDE> Build…the former shows up as online, and the latter shows up as safe mode, so there doesn’t seem to be a correlation between the status’ on the console or the IDE either.

This has been a problem since the Cores were released. Devices which are actually offline show as online and visa versa. Far more often for me is that devices which are online show as offline. Bizarrely, they don’t seem to self correct. It looks like a message gets fired once and once only and no amount of a connection remaining open between that device and the cloud will convince the dashboard to show the correct info.

Have flagged this up internally and filed as a bug by the :particle: team :slight_smile:

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I have this issue too with my P1’s. The device data returned has isConnected: false which is what shows the device offline. It is prooving to be a significant issue as the app we made was so that if isConnected were false it would show a message of device unavailable.