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I have been digging into the state of 70 product devices (Photon based) on a remote site and have been using the Console to view the devices and figure out what preparation is required (hardware fixes, etc.) before going to the customer site and what OTA flashes are required and can be tee’d up now.

I still see a few features not working correctly or missing.

  1. Sort on ID does not work.
  2. Sort on name does not work.
  3. Sort on firmware does not work.
  4. Sort on Last Handshake does not work.
  5. There is no sort on Group - when managing lots of devices this is essential!
  6. The per page dropdown button does not work, you need to click on the number?

On a paid plan I would really expect these things to be working!


Hi, @armor:

Thank you for reaching out. Taking a look at the issues you’re experiencing, I’m hoping you can provide additional context that will help me get a fix in place for sorting:

  • did you receive any error messages before or while sorting?

  • what’s the browser and version you’re using (e.g. Safari 13.0)?

  • and what operating system and version (e.g. macOS 10.14.6)?

A device can be a member of multiple groups and isn’t sortable, but it is possible to filter on group by clicking on a device’s group or typing the group name into the “filter by group” field.

There’s a fix for the per-page dropdown that’s slated for the next release.




No error messages - it just doesn’t work correctly.

I am using Chrome Version 76.0.3809.132 (Official Build) (64-bit) on macOS 10.14.6.

I forgot about the filter by group, thinking that the Group field could also have sort buttons as well.

I will send you some screen shots to illustrate what happens but do not want to share this info on the forum here.


Thank you for the additional info. I was able to reproduce the sort issues you reported and queued up a ticket to track their resolution.


Thanks for the feedback. Look forward to hearing when they will be released.


Hi, @armor: I’m sorry about the delay and wanted to give an update.

  • Sorting by name is fixed.
  • Version sort is requiring deeper investigation. I’ll report back once that’s complete ~ first half of next week.

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Thanks - I had noticed the name sort is now working and that the version sort isn’t quite!