Console or logger for debugging?

Hi all,

Is there a way to log out from your firmware code? If so, where does it get printed?

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Currently there’s no web logger, but that’s a feature we have planned. In the meantime, if you want logging, you can plug in the USB connector to your computer and open a Serial connection, and Serial.print() to print out messages through a Serial terminal.


The COM port does not show up. Do I need to install a driver?

On Windows, yes; take a look here:

We’ll be adding the driver to our documentation as well.

Serial port seems to only appear in listening mode.
Is there a way to enable serial when core is connected to WiFi and is flashed with custom code?

@suda Simply use Serial.begin(9600); in setup()

You can then use Serial.print() or Serial.println() to output stuff to the terminal…

More info here:


EDIT: here’s the driver

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suda, if I can just add to what kennethlimpcp said, the baudrate in the Serial.begin() call can be set up to 115200 baud. I develop in Win8.1 so I use putty portable as a terminal and I have saved the presets for all the com ports my sparks use. The trick is to get the driver installed but after that, it is very easy to use. :smile:


@kennethlimcp and @peekay123 thanks! Works like a charm :smile:

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