Connection to Librato [SOLVED]

My core was posting to Librato just fine for many weeks. I had to modify the API key in Librato so I also went in and deleted my webhook and recreated it with the updated auth credentials but now my hook-response is “Credentials are required to access this resource.” I’ve triple check it and even reverted back to how it was originally but no dice. I am able to push to Librato using curl with these creditials but not with the webhook.

Here is my webhook.

Thanks for any help!

"eventName": "librato_",
"url": "",
"requestType": "POST",
"auth": {
    "username": "myapiusernamehere",
    "password": "myapikeyhere"
"json": {
    "gauges": [
            "name": "{{SPARK_EVENT_NAME}}",
            "value": "{{SPARK_EVENT_VALUE}}",
            "source": "{{SPARK_CORE_ID}}"

   "mydevices": true

I figured it out. It was strange, when I was recreating the hook, the json output from the command “particle webhook create myjsonfile.json” never had the auth: {} portion returned even though it was in the file. To resolve it, I change the eventName of the webhook to from something like “librato_” to “librato2_”. That magically had the auth {} portion returned, I deleted that one, and recreated it back to the original eventName and all was well again.

Hopefully this helps somebody if they have the same issue.