Connection Problems

Hey guys,

we have some connection problems with our Particle 3G devices. Since about 2 weeks the devices are not connecting properly to the cloud. Sometimes they could not establish a connection and sometime they are connection and wont send any data - or better the are not publishing any informations.

Here some detailed information
Case 1:
The LED is blinking green for longer than 5 minutes, then the device is connected to the cloud without sending any data. The particle is going to sleep and doing the same again and again

Case 2:
The Particle is connection properly to the cloud with normal status like: reset-reason: sleep, and won’t send any data, better won’t publish any data and going back to sleep

We are using Firmeware 0.7.0.
The devices are in a product fleet. All devices have different SIM Cards form german operators.

Do you have any ideas how we could investigate the problem.

The devices were sending the data for over 3 month without any problems. We could exclude the mobile signat strenght as a problem.

Thanks in advance for your help


Hi, I have no clue about how to troubleshoot your issue, though something hit me with your comment above. I hope you don’t mind me writing here what I think.
This is what I think: you can never exclude mobile signal strength on the basis you describe. Telecom radio bases can be moved/upgraded/decommissioned by your network operator (german, in your case) that would affect your devices connectivity.

That’s right! I just would not exclude it. But we can switch providers with or SIM card. Our SIM card provider is giving us an APN an the modem is looking/roaming for the best mobile provider. We also have an normal Vodafone SIM card. But all particles them with the Vodafone card and them with the multi provider are having the same problems. So I think it can not be a problem with the cellular connection to the service provider.

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