Connecting to photon using SoftAP Setup JS


Thanks for Particle delivering a great product and building an avid community around it. Love it.

There are quite a few discussions around are really informative which help me to finally work through a test that using below library

The issues I ran into maybe obvious to experienced users. But I find it could save new users a couple of hours of searching and troubleshooting if we add some ‘big picture’ comments aggregating setup requirements scattered in different threads.

I believe below ‘entry point’ setup is required

  1. Making sure upgrading firmware to certain versions (0.4.6 or newer?)

How to determine firmware version
Determining the version of system firmware on a Photon/P1

  1. Putting photon into listening mode

  2. Connecting PC/mobile terminal to Photon AP network under listening mode before running scripts/sending TCP/IP connection requests

Photon SoftAP name. requests.

Let me know if I could be of any help.