Concise up to date CLI setup instructions for windows


I am having one hell of a time getting the particle cli running on windows box. I have a couple questions.

  1. I have seen multiple install instructions, none of them consistent. Is there an up to date set of instructions available.
  2. Is it possible to run the command line interface with up to date software, ie latest version of node, latest version of visual studio, latest version of python.
  3. If not is there any way to change my photons wifi credentials without the cli?

Thanks for your time

The CLI installation process has been a bit bothersome due to the quick release of newer version of software, some of which have breaking changes (node, for one). It’s being worked on, but I can’t stick a date to it.
This installer should work on windows, and allow you to select to install the CLI only. It does use older versions of some of the software: Toolchain for Windows Installer

There’s the app, a serial program (putty for example), or this.

These instructions have worked for me in the past:

I haven’t had any issues with the CLI after following the linked tutorial above (Tutorial: Particle-cli on Windows [07 Jun 2015]) and I’m running Win10.

It is a little bothersome though, needing to rely on older versions of the requisite software packages - but I can’t complain that it worked perfectly without any hiccups!