Compile error due to comma instead of semicolon ARRRRGG!

I just spent hours with many odd warnings and a
baffling series of errors … ultimately - and rather hard to notice - it was
due to a comma where the semicolon should have been at the end of a statement.


Technically - I was only missing one dot! LOL!
I figured I’d share this in the hopes of saving someone some time in the future,
or at least allowing others to vent frustration!



The error which the compiler throws out would usually give some hint on which line the error might be.

Just have to look closely. :wink:

@kennethlimcp LOL! It kinda did, but the actual error was on the previous line, compiler error-ed next line and I’m wondering what the heck is wrong with it!! I was looked for a missing semicolon, but missed it because there was a comma there!

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You should try putting a semi-colon in the wrong place. Like say after an if(this==that); statement. It’ll compile, but it won’t be easy to spot the error!

Not that I did such a thing earlier this week… Nope. Not this guy. Not. At. All. :wink: