Compatibility of my Arduino code for a weather station

Hello Particle community,

I started working on Arduino only since last year and my project consists of transferring data (crack size on buildings, temperature, soil moisture…) by FTP protocol (adapted from SurferTim at to a distant server, and using ESP8266 NodeMCU. My code is working fine.

Now, I need to make a complete weather station and I decided to use the weather Meter Kit (Weather Meter Kit - SEN-15901 - SparkFun Electronics) connected to the Particle Photon (SparkFun Photon Weather Shield - DEV-13674 - SparkFun Electronics and Particle Photon (Headers) - WRL-13774 - SparkFun Electronics).
I’m a newbie with the Photon and I was just wondering, before I go too far in this project if my Arduino code will be easily adaptable to the Photon to transfer my data?

And by the way, I guess it’s not possible to connect this weather station to an ESP8266?

Thank you in advance for your time

Hard to tell without more info about your actual code, but most Arduino projects are portable to the Photon.
Once you transition you may want to reconsider the use of FTP and rather use Particle’s cloud infrastructure to do that securely and more conveniently IMO.

I wouldn’t see why not, but you wouldn’t use the Photon dedicated Weather Shield of course. You’d rather go with a generic one like this

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I didn’t wanted to bother you with all my code but like I said, it’s just an adaptation of SurferTim’s FTP protocol. At least, you gave me hope and that’s what I needed.
Actually, using Particle’s cloud infrastructure could be a nice switch and I will probably go in that direction in near future. I just need to find good tutorials. The other thing is I can only access my domain through a FTP protocol.
Anyways, thanks a lot for your excellent advice.

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