Compact setup for Spark+relay to control AC (120/240V)?

I’d like to control some AC powered devices in my home with my Spark Core.

I see some options:
Sounds simple with the Spark Relay Shield (though 4 relays is overkill). But then I’d need power for the shield, say a wall wart. Then I’d need a box to put it all in.

Another option:
Use a Powertail ( with the Spark. I’d still need power for the Spark, so wall wart again. And where would I put all this in?

Roll my own:
Create a circuit board with a Spark, power for the Spark and 1 relay. Unfortunately a 240V board does not seem a suitable project to learn circuit board design :wink:

So all in all you wind up with a clumsy solution and not very cheap to boot. I’d like to see a solution like the Myn3rd ( but based on the Spark. The kickstarted MyN3rd hardware looks very nice, but the software does not. Plus I want the hackability of the Spark.

Any ideas? TIA

So, basically, you want a ;)?


Thats so cool! i wonder if its possible to unsolder and turn the mains terminals a bit… the early pioneers here were a bit drunk the day they started making power sockets in Australia and instead of them being | | they ended up / \ and we have been stuck with that ever since

I guess that’s one way of solving the polarization problem US sockets have/had.

I imagine that while you could bend the terminals it probably wouldn’t work too well. You could always make/get a converter

Bent terminals do work, its saved me a few times :slight_smile: its just a little dangerous.

That looks exactly like something I could use! However it seems like their kickstarter fizzled. Sent them a message; we’ll see.
Any alternatives perhaps?