Communication between NodeJS and SparkCore, without SparkCloud

Hi guys.

I’m doing a project, were my SparkCore needs to communicate with a server. In this case, I have chosen to develop the server in NodeJS. Since fast response is required in this project, I want to communicate between the SparkCore and NodeJS, without going through SparkCloud. Is this possible? I’ve tried to research a little, and all the frameworks I found, seem to communicate with the SparkCore through the SparkCloud API.

(I already figured out, that I can make SparkCore not connect to SparkCloud by using SYSTEM_MODE(SEMI_AUTOMATIC):wink:

Bonus question: Is it possible to communicate between SparkCore and NodeJS using strings, like serial communication?

Thanks in advance!

Did you look spark local cloud ? ?

Actually, I found out that Cylon and VoodooSpark runs locally. Now to my final problem: I have an ATMEGA chip connected to my SparkCore, through RX/TX, now how do I fetch the data in nodeJS? I found the documentation for Cylon really sparse.

Definitely yes !
I’m on the same boat sending JSON formatted messages back and forth (using semi_automatic also).