Colorpicking php site


I have implemented the WS2812B LEDSTRIP with the neopixel library. I am now creating a php webpage where i want to integrate a javascript colorpicker (this i can do).

Can someone help me how i can send the R,G,B values from the colorpicker php site to my Spark Core.

Thank you for your help

@jerryaertssen, you could convert your RGB value to a string and call a Spark.function() on your Spark with that string value. In the function, you then parse out the RGB and convert them back to integers using atoi() for example. :smile:


Thank you for your reply, that seems to be the correct way to do it.

in order to send the rgb text values to the spark core i can use php right? or do i also need to use Curl (new for me)

How would this line for example can be integrated into a php file:

-d access_token=1234123412341234123412341234123412341234
-d “args=coffee”

or can i skip Curl and directly post all the variablbes with a php form

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You can definitely use PHP. Check out this code that @wgbartley cooked up.

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I’m not sure if this is remotely what you’re looking for, but it’s sending RGB values to the Core nonetheless. Thought you might be able to use some of it: