Code working in web IDE doesn't work with Workbench

Hi guys,

I wrote a very simple blink and external LED program in the Web IDE and tried to get it to work in the Workbench with no luck. I just copied and pasted the code.

It claims that HIGH has not been declared in this scope.

I am very new to this.

What am I doing wrong?

ping @m_m

The error message states High to be the problem, although I cannot see where that came from it needs to be spelt HIGH - C/C++ is case sensitive.

Additionally, don’t rely on IntelliSense. Rather run a proper build and observe the actual build messages. To see them you may need to turn on verbose logging.

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Thanks ScruffR! Appreciate the fast response.

@Motley also if it helps any, we have some troubleshooting steps here: