Code problem boron

first time using webhook, I set up twilio account and am trying to send a text if pin d7 goes high on a boron.

here is my code that is nor working:


@cal39, can you provide a bit more information? Do you see the publish in the Particle Console? How is your Twilio webhook setup?

hi here is my twilio

set up as free trial

sorry i’m clueless what does particle publish do?

There are a bunch of steps to sending a SMS. I recommend you use this library and follow the instructions for setting up the webhook. It also shows how to examine the event log for troubleshooting.


ok thank you!

i’m was going through twilio about you question on how is my twilio set up

i never saw an sms box to check but i got a number on free trial and i sent test texts

but i also came across this on twilio

does this mean i can’t set up a web hook with free trail?

I think you might be able to still use it right now, but it's close to the time that it will no longer be possible because A2P 10DLC registration, which is kind of pain.

If you're sending SMS to yourself for notifications, you should look into Pushover. It's an iOS and Android app that allows you to send push notifications from an API. I switched to using that instead of SMS.

Hey! now that you mention Pushover, have you used Pushbullet?
I'm curious to know if there are interesting features in pushover over pushbullet.

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I created a page with instructions for using Pushover:

Pushbullet is a superset of the features of Pushover. If you need those features, it's a good option. If you just need a simple substitute for SMS, the Pushover is much simpler.


Pushover sounds great but i want to see if twilio will work.
all i need to do in my project to to send a text when a pin goes high on the boron😅
i like the example you sent me about about when the button is pushed text is sent,
but in the code example no pin is designated for the button in the set up,
here is a picture of the code:

how would i have to change the code to make a text sent if let’s say pin d7 goes high

thanks for the help

here is my attempt at changing from button to pin d7 going high
does this look like it may work😅


@cal39 with any good project, especially when learning something new, it’s best to break it down into its simplest components. You are going for the home run when you just need a few singles. (I am sitting at a softball game right now so was a good analogy. :slight_smile: )

In this case, I’d recommend the following approach:

  1. Use Ricks example unmodified step by step and get it operational to send a text message. Per the documentation: Tapping the MODE (or SETUP) button once will send a SMS. The beauty in this example is the mode or setup button is on all particle devices so no hardware is required to get this operational. When working with it:
    1a) Am I able to load this code to the device.
    1b) Using serial monitor and logging, when I push the mode or setup button, does it serial print something indicating so.
    1c) monitoring the particle console is an event published with the event name: SendSmsEvent
    1d) looking at integrations history from the particle console, does the web hook integration pass with 200 message or fail with 400 message?
    1e) do I finally get a message, is there a similar web hooks history log from twilio to look at?
    1f) look through the advanced part of the tutorial and see if you want to leverage any of those features. Play, learn, have fun!

  2. change it to use your specific D7 input.
    2a) using a simple sketch and or even serial.print() create code that monitors D7 as an input. Each time you actuate the input, confirm it’s printing.
    2b) think of a way to only actuate it once on the rising edge of D7 or maybe a timeout for how many times it can detect it. For example, once it’s detected, do not acknowledge another detection for 1 minute or maybe even 5 minutes. This way you won’t be bombarded with texts once a second.

  3. Combine learnings from both steps 1 and 2 and get the full end to end system operational.

This allows you to explore, understand and get each piece that makes up the working solution functional step by step.

One suggestion when posting in the community is when sharing code snippets, instead of pictures of your monitor, or screen shots, it’s much easier to copy/paste the code from your editor and format it as </> pre-formatted text.


thanks everyone

i set up a webhook with pushover using the page rick posted above
and erased twilio webhook

then i used ricks simple button webhook example and inserted the push notice
line from his example and now i’m finally getting pushover messages on my phone🥳

so i hit a single in the base ball analogy:)

so now i need to change code from button triggering webhook to pin d7 on boron going high to trigger webhook

is there any special libraries i need to add? or do i just erase any references to button and add pinmode?

thanks again to all

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