Co2 sensor recommendations

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hmmmm, I guess I am in a code 18 behavior … sorry for washing time to everyone, just see the error my bad


You need to remove the examples from the library examples folders otherwise they get included.


Odd. Does that only happen when compiling in the cloud? (It doesn’t happen when I compile locally.)


Also be aware that most Co2 sensors are designed to have some time exposed to ambient Co2 conditions and many auto calibrate. If you want to have a Co2 sensor in a Co2 boosted environment you need read through the data sheets to see if it’s going to work in your environment. I ended up using the Telaire T6615 but that might be above you budget.


Seems like you have converged but +1 on the SGP30 from me too. Don’t forget to set the baseline by running for a while in clean outdoor air, for example.

I have also had problems with drift with other sensors and from what I can tell the SGP30 is consistent and stable longer term.