Cloud function arguments come in as urlencoded

So, I’m going to assume this is a bug.
When you expose a function to the cloud and it has the string argument, and that string contains things such as quotes (as I do, because of JSON), those come in to the core as urlencoded.

I’m now doing the urldecoding myself on the core, but hopefully this will be fixed?

Hi @noora

There was another thread on this not too long ago and @Dave said he had a fix going into staging. I am not sure if that is in yet or not. But pinging him here should bring an answer.

Wow, yes, sorry about that! We’ve been planning a cloud update with the ‘deep update’ firmware that’s about to be released, but I hadn’t realized we were that far behind on fixes. :frowning: Sorry!

@noora - Yes that’s a bug! I fixed it a while back, but apparently I haven’t pushed the fix yet, my bad!


Hey @noora,

My apologies for the long delay getting this version out. It’s released! You can now expect your function parameters to not be url encoded, along with a bunch of other improvements. :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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Thanks Dave, good stuff. I’ll get rid of my own urldecoding now then :slight_smile: