Cloud based IDE support miltiple files?

Will the cloud based IDE support multiple files ?
For larger programs i would like to keep things managed better. I don’t want to have a 10k line program all in one file.

Not at this time, but support for this is coming soon! :slight_smile:

This is probably obvious, but currently if you develop with a local toolchain, and program over USB / JTAG you can manage your files in the way you would like.


@seulater as @BDub mentioned this feature is hopefully coming soon.

In the meantime, I am just starting to gather info on setting up a local toolchain to do this with on my own. I am hoping to use the “normal” Arduino IDE and a USB connection at the heart of it all - but a good clean guide on how to get this all going is still to be created :smile:


@Soulhuntre when I said you can already develop locally for the Spark Core, this is what I meant:

Read the there, just scroll down.

The web IDE basically takes your code and puts it into this file in the project:

Don’t forget to #include application.h and define your function prototypes.

With this local setup, you can develop with all of your files separated like you normally would with the arduino IDE and it’s libraries. Some porting of library data is still needed, but it’s fairly minor.

@BDub - I hear ya. I am going to do it in a linux (or Win8) VM - there is way too much craziness and pulling in chunks of craziness to put it on my main box.

I think in the future when a company says “and you can build it yourself from source” but that process is a lot like performing voodoo while balancing on a Jenga board, the will be flogged… but gently :smile:


Don’t use a Windows 8 VM… Is your main box Windows? If so use a Linux VM. If you’re on a Mac there’s no need as it’s super easy.

In any case, you just need to download the pre-compiled ARM toolchain and you’re good to go. It seems complicated, but trust me, Spark has really made the procedure easy so far as their makefiles go!

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@timb - I’ll do it under Linux and Windows (each in a VM) - I want to see whats needed under Windows :smile:

Yeah, my main machine is a Win8.1 box… not least of which reason is Visual Studio is far and away the most productive dev tool I have ever worked with. I woudl like to try and tie the VS IDE (there are already Arduino integrations for it) into this compile chain at some point.


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+1 for Visual Studio integration! :slight_smile:

For anyone interested in the Visual Studio / Arduino integration it is called Visual Micro - and it is AWESOME.

"A free Arduino plugin for Visual Studio Pro versions 2008-2013 and Atmel Studio 6.1 that allows ANY Arduino project (with code completion) to be developed, compiled and then uploaded to any Arduino micro-processor. The plugin shares the sources and tools of the Arduino Ide which means we use the same code, it’s just the ide that is different! "

Not that I don’t appreciate the web IDE - but it just isn’t the same.


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To anyone looking for a similar solution to Visual Micro but for Mac OS X, check out embedXcode which supports: Arduino, Digispark, Energia, Maple, MPIDE, Teensy, Microduino, Processing and Wiring!

Speaking of which… @zach, Rei_Vilo (author of embedXcode) is a friend of mine and I’ve been getting him interested in the Spark Core; can I get him in touch with you? If you guys can get him a sample Core he’ll look into adding a full local build environment for it into embedXcode. He’s got a bunch of pretty prolific Open Source projects and has done a ton for Energia, so I think he’d be a huge asset to the Spark Community! :smiley:

Ok, That would make me jealous indeed!


Soulhuntre, thanks for that tip about Visual Micro. I downloaded it, but what arduino board do we select for using the Spark Core ?

@seulater - I’m sorry if I got your hopes up - at the moment, the Spark Core is not even in the normal Arduino tool chain, let alone the Visual Studio one.

It is a problem - one significant enough it is making me work hard to defend the Spark Core itself to a few team members on a client project. I want to use the Core, but they need a decent env.


That woudl be awesome - please do put me in touch with him! You can send him my email, it’s zach at spark dot io


@zach Okay, I had a video conference with Rei Vilo today and sent him your info. Expect an email from in the morning! :smiley:



I’ve just sent you an e-mail to add support for the Spark Core on embedXcode.