Clear ethernet network session?

@BDub @no1089 @rickkas7 as you know we have some trouble connecting to ethernet. device os seems to remember stuff making it difficult to see exactly what is going on. is there a way to "reset a network session"? always do a clean start - just for testing connecting to the network

i noticed that once connected there is a better chance to connect next time. and it says things like "Updated file: /sys/network.dat"

having a clean start will make testing more consistent...


Hi @boddeke ,
I believe the closest thing to this is to clear the session when disconnecting from the cloud. This will force a full handshake with the server on the next connection.

You can do something like this


We are still digging into the ethernet reliability issues with P2 and appreciate your patience. We will share updates as soon as we have them


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great, thanks, will try!

This is something we tried to rule out session negotiation problems. Based on the pcaps you shared and the ones we have captured I dont think the issue is the session negotiation though (the coap retransmits happen after the socket and session are established). So its not likely this change will improve performance. We do have some other theories we are investigating though. We will have updates ASAP

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