Class SystemClass has no member named 'millis'


I can’t get my sketch to compile when I use: System.millis(); when trying to compile using WebIDE to compile against Particle Electron on a DeviceOS 1.5.2

Following are my code

void setup() {

unsigned long last_sync_time;
void loop() {
    last_sync_time = System.millis();

I wonder if I forgot to include some headers to get this to work

Have you tried millis() without System.? :wink:

What exactly is the error message?

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I was able to compile that code for Electron 1.5.2 in the Web IDE. However, System.millis() returns a uint64_t. The error is most likely because the Web IDE is targeting a much older version of Device OS for some reason, not a missing include, which would probably cause a different error.

millis() returns an unsigned long.

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