Micros() not implemented or working yet?

Hi All,

According to the documentation, micros() should work correctly inside a function, however, it gets an error:

../99054d85a0152d95bb704deea92444e371435cad554085c8efbc9ea2910e/the_user_app.cpp: In function 'void calculatePulse()':
../99054d85a0152d95bb704deea92444e371435cad554085c8efbc9ea2910e/the_user_app.cpp:43:22: error: 'micros' was not declared in this scope
make: *** [../99054d85a0152d95bb704deea92444e371435cad554085c8efbc9ea2910e/the_user_app.o] Error 1

The code is as follows:

void calculatePulse()
  //used to measure time between pulses.
  lastTime = pulseTime;
  pulseTime = micros();

This should technically work, but doesn’t seem to. Anybody have any ideas?


Thanks! @Delphy! It’s not implemented! We’ll get on it right away.

Thanks for the fast reply. :slight_smile:

Just wanted to post an update. Looks like @satishgn already started working on this! We’ll try to fold it into the build server probably at the end of the sprint. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update Dave!

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